Focusing on

What Matters Most

Guardianship of the Person, Guardianship of the Estate, and Case Management.

Our ultimate goal, after all, is not
a good death but a good life
to the very end.

Atul GawandeBeing Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End

We believe in focusing on our client’s life stories, their family, and what is important to them. We have a gentle and family-centered approach to case management, and we are not intimated by complex dynamics.

Legacy Guardianship was formed in 2018, but we have been involved in non-profit and private Guardianships since 2010.

Our Services


Guardianship of the Person focuses on the actual care of the individual, such as medical needs, personal needs, coordinating care, and placement in an appropriate setting.


Guardianship of the Estate focuses on finances and property, such as managing income sources, safeguarding resources, and selling property when necessary.


Case Management can be an effective alternative to Guardianship is all parties are in agreement and can collaborate regarding services.

We are a team of Texas Board Certified Guardians with over 35yrs combined experience in social services.

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